Dan Chin has always wanted to find a way to give back to the community.

The owner of real estate company Dan Chin Homes, which moved from Monona to McFarland in 2017, announced the business has started a foundation to help local residents with housing expenses.

The Dan Chin Homes Foundation is accepting applications from any individual or family who is experiencing some type of financial hardship, regardless of reason, and lives in the McFarland School District. Community members, family and friends can also nominate individuals or families.

Applications can be found online at www.danchinhomes.com and are being accepted through the end of October. The foundation board will select recipients in November; those chosen to receive the funds will be notified at the end of the year.

Giving back to the community has become part of the real estate business’s mission. Before entering the career field, Chin worked in marketing and public affairs for Agrace Hospice.

“There was just so much mission in that,” he said. “The more you raised awareness of hospice, the more people were able to help and have a huge impact.”

When people are looking to purchase a home, they, too, have a mission, Chin said, be it moving closer to family or needing more space to accommodate a growing family. He also wanted the company to have a mission of giving back.

The business owner realized as the company succeeded, there was the opportunity for a larger profit margin and considered how those profits could impact lives in the community.

Chin knew if the company could close on 150 homes in 2018, there would be enough profit to give back up to $20,000 to those who could use assistance with their residential expenses. The business closed on number 150 the evening of Sept. 6.

Initially, Chin planned to provide a year’s worth of housing payments to one family or individual. Foundation board member Mike Beam, who also serves on the McFarland Community Food Pantry, talked about a family who received a similar housing expense donation for a month’s rent last year.

“He said they were crying in gratitude,” Chin said. “It made such a huge impact on them, and the whole board decided why don’t we spread it out.”

The business owner said they are looking to continue the #mission150 and hopes the foundation continues to help residents with mortgage and rent payments.

“If we can make it bigger, we will,” Chin said. “We want to do whatever we can to help our community.”

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