Letter to the editor

The American 90s really did make America great again. Globalization gave us prosperity the likes of which we hadn’t seen in at least three decades. Bricklayers were getting into the stock market and starter homes were selling out while McMansions were populating a new Exurbia. But that wasn’t good enough.

So at the same time an internet marketing bubble burst, a partisan fishing expedition, out to sink a Presidency, went from chasing red herrings to landing a real whopper.

The resulting soft recession and opprobrium over sexual misconduct combined with a third party spoiler affect to elect a witless, silver-spoon conservative with little to offer as leader of the free world.

So, in short order, the free world blew up in his face and his default reaction, guided by real conservative ideologues, was to normalize our ‘new normal’ by restoring America to a previous setting.

That didn’t work out at all, so America reversed course and elected a Black man as President, perhaps hoping to revive those better angels of the 90’s.

Unfortunately, the intervening years had wrecked the economy, which had shown promise of lifting all boats and the now sinking bricklayers naturally blamed the Black guy.

So now we have another conservative, whose tantrums have left all the building blocks of a peacefully functioning global economy strewn about a political and economic battlefield that is both real and imagined.

By and large, conservatism and imagination are antithetical but there is a kind of imagination conservative media minds excel at and that is setting up those virtual fishing expeditions. They’ve arranged many minor ones, like the Whitewater investigation of the Clintons in the 90’s and today with our senior Senator’s investigation of the Bidens.

But then there are the big ones they get us into.

They got us into our current mess 17 years ago with one to Iraq and there appears to be one leaving soon for China, with advertising courtesy of some of the same media people. In Madison, that would be Marc Thiessen and John Kass, in our only print daily and now Rich Lowry in Adams Publishing’s local weeklies. Thanks folks.

John Costello


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