Letter to the editor

Just a few years ago bullies were being called out for what they were. Now bullies are being used to coerce the general population in America on multiple fronts. Here are some examples:

• Groups of rioters burning and looting private and public property. Most insurance policies do not cover damage or loss from civil unrest to commercial or private property.

• Joe Biden in a Pittsburgh speech basically said the violence will continue if he is not elected.

• MG School District is planning another referendum (3rd in 6 years) with the promise that children will suffer if more funds are not made available.

• Dane County is forcing businesses to enforce their mask mandate, or they will be closed.

Are you seeing a pattern yet? Coercion and fear are being used as a weapon against us. Are we the proverbial frog in the pot of slow boiling water?

How hot is too hot? I say enough is enough.

Call for prosecution and jail time for the rioters and looters, tell ineffective Joe Biden no way, vote no on the Susan Fox /Susan Manning MG School District referendum ( they should get a calculator and balance their budget), and as for Dane County, they should support the businesses that fund them.

Richard Wood

Town of Cottage Grove

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