Letter to the editor

Education-public education-is truly the greatest equalizer. While other factors certainly play in, nothing gives a person the foundation they need, or the equal opportunities to succeed, more than a solid public education. Not only do we see the benefit of public education for ourselves and our children, but the value of public education carries on for many in our community long past when our kids have grown.

Melissa Sargent is a parent, just like me. As parents, we know the importance of getting the best education possible for our children and choose where we live based on the schools. We volunteer our time for our schools to help our children as much as we can. We know our public schools face challenges in meeting the needs of our children. With kids who attend public schools currently, Melissa has firsthand experience navigating these challenging times for our schools, students, and families alike.

Now more than ever, we need someone like Melissa Sargent in the State Senate to advocate for our children and support our public schools. Melissa knows and understands the critical importance of strong and well-funded education.

While there are a lot of reasons I am supporting Melissa in her candidacy for the 16th Senate District of Wisconsin, her continued commitment to our kids and public education remains a top priority. Children are our future, and I know Melissa will continue to advocate for them in the State Senate.

Melissa Ratcliff

Cottage Grove

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