Swimming Pond

When it was above 90 degrees Thursday, some people cooled down by going to the new Swimming Pond at Jellystone Park in Fort Atkinson.

Jellystone Fort Atkinson added a new Swimming Pond this year.

A spokesperson for the park, Richard Armstrong, said, “It’s a membrane-lined pond where we treat the water naturally with enzymes, aeration and things so it’s constantly monitored.”

Sand sits on top of the rubber membrane liner. The center of the pond is filled with brightly colored inflatables anchored to the bottom of the pond.

Manufactured by Wibit, the inflatables are a combination of mix-and-match pieces chosen to fit the unique size and needs of Jellystone. It has various obstacles, jump-off points and stairs so kids can easily climb back up. The inflatables give the Swimming Pond a waterpark-like experience and the beach area provides more space for play or relaxing and watching the action unfold.

Other recreational additions to the park this season include a pedal cart track, human foosball, a drive-in movie theater for golf carts and a fire ring near the Swimming Pond.

The park also has two swimming pools.

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