DiMAX comes to Milton

Milton resident Aaron Falk is moving DiMAX, a family-owned company providing full-service telephone and IT support to small and mid-sized businesses to Milton, 201 Sunnyside Drive. Interior remodeling to an existing over 10,000-square-foot building is underway. Falk said he expects the building to be fully operational by September.

Milton residents Aaron and Rebekah Falk have purchased the former General Case manufacturing building, 201 Sunnyside Drive, and are remodeling the 10,080-square-foot space to serve as the new headquarters and help center for DiMAX Office Solutions.

The company is moving from 5,000 square feet of leased space in Janesville. Plans call for the move to be completed by August and the company to be fully operational in its Milton location by Sept. 1.

Aaron said he purchased the building in Milton on March 27, describing it as more adaptive to his needs, and a “good value.”

Renovations focus on interior remodeling, including office and warehouse space.

“The interior, when completed will have offices, a technology center. We will have the technology we sell and service on display, and we will build out our technology bullpen where the technicians have call workstations. They dispatch help and offer a help desk center,” Aaron said.

Aaron started the business offering IT services in 2007. The company is now expanding to include phone services and IT full service support to small and mid-sized companies, he said.

“We are a small, family-run business with a staff of 16,” he said.

Describing himself as second generation in the industry, Aaron said he began working for his father, Richard, when he was 15. Richard has worked in the industry since the mid-1970s.

“He was working on typewriters,” Aaron said.

Richard sold his business in 2002 and today serves DiMAX as service manager. Rebekah is the company’s office manager, Aaron said.

When work will resume in the building has much to do with COVID-19, he said, adding: “A lot of our staff is working remotely.

“Our customer base is very diverse, we service a lot of essential businesses in Wisconsin and Illinois, and all over the country. Our revenues have slowed, but not stopped.”

Construction slowed when some members of the contractor’s construction crew “came down with COVID-19,” Aaron said.

Future plans envision a construction Phase 2, Aaron said, which will include “a facelift” for the building’s exterior. “That’s in the dream phase,” he said.

Originally from Janesville, Aaron said he and his family moved to Milton in 2005.

The couple has two children: a daughter who just graduated from Milton High School and an adult son who also lives in Milton.

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