School District of Milton

Milton School District taxpayers have been paying $2.5 million per year for four years for an operational referendum. The December property tax bill will be the last to have current referendum before it expires.

On the Nov. 3 ballot, the school district is asking for the same amount and it’s also for five years. Once the referendum approved by voters in 2016 expires, the new one, if approved, would begin. They would not overlap.

What does a $2.5 million referendum cost individual taxpayers?

It’s both complicated and it’s not.

If the Nov. 3 operational referendum is approved, the tax rate impact would be the same.

What happens if the referendum doesn’t pass?

During Monday’s Q&A session, Superintendent Rich Dahman referred the financial supplement shared at the annual meeting last week.

The proposed tax rate is estimated at $9.18. Of that, $1.19 is for the current operating referendum.

Based on that estimate, Dahman said the annual operating referendum cost for someone with a $100,000 home or property would be $119 per year.

“In general,” he said, people can estimate that savings if the referendum does not pass.

Director of Business Services Carey Bradley clarified that the school district talks in terms of “equalized value.”

“We’re talking at an overall high level,” she said.

She clarified, “Your bills may not be exactly what we’re saying because your bills are based on assessed value, not equalized value.”

Bradley reminded that the operational referendum also impacts what the district receives in state aid.

By increasing taxes by $2.5 million, then spending that money, she said the school district gets $1.5 million in state aid the following year. That pattern continues as long as the school district is spending the $2.5 million.

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