Three incumbents and one new board member were elected to Milton School Board on April 6. The incumbents, Jennifer Johns, Joe Martin and Dave Holterman, were the top vote-getters, landing three-year seats. Leslie Hubert bested Sherri Shaw and Jay Williams and earns a one-year seat on the board.

Martin earned back a seat he has held for three full years. And voters awarded full terms to Holterman and Johns, both were appointed last year to fill seats that board members Mike Pierce and Diamond McKenna vacated early.

A new board will shepherd the district into a post-pandemic landscape.

“Every board does better with stability, and I think we’re going to gain a little bit of that with three returning incumbents. It’ll help our mission,” Martin said.

Holterman and Johns said they take their reelection as a sign voters think they’ve made solid decisions to help steer the district through the pandemic.

Both said they’re most focused on moving through the remaining weeks of this school year, when all students have the option of in-person learning.

“We need to take a look at which students have struggled in virtual learning and create a support network fast to help kids that need to get caught up both academically and socially,” Holterman said. “Getting kids back up to speed should be the paramount goal. For us as a board, we might need to identify new resources, whether it be financial or otherwise, to make sure this happens.”

Johns said she’s excited to continue learning as a board member as Milton’s administrative team, which also has seen turnover in the last two years, becomes “settles in as a more experienced team.”

“We’ve had big, heavy responsibilities over the last year, along with decisions where you can’t look back to the past on what to decide,” Johns said. “The district is in a good place, and I want to see that continue to move forward.”

Hubert said she wants to focus on learning the ropes and the committee responsibilities of a school board member.

The most important thing to her now is that “we’re doing everything we can to keep kids in school 100 percent of the time and getting things back to normal,” Hubert said.

“I want to make sure the kids are receiving all the support services they need to get to back to grade level and advance quickly,” she said.

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