Service area for lift station 12

Map of the service area benefiting from Lift Station No. 12. Work on the sanitary sewer pumping station, making the city’s south side available for development, completed this spring.

The City of Milton Common Council approved July 21 assessments for the $1.65 million lift station built on Parkview Drive to service development on the city’s south side. The project was completed this spring.

During a public hearing held before assessments were approved, attorney Tim Lindau, of Nowlan and Mouat, LLP, Janesville, who said he was representing Milton Red Hawk Apartments LLC, and Capital Asset Investment, LLC, noted that the Red Hawk Apartment 108-unit development was “currently postponed,” adding that it was not likely to take place this year. He said the developer was “ready to make good” on special assessments levied against the 12.61 acres on Parkview Drive.

In a memo to council, Director of Public Works Howard Robinson wrote that the full cost of the lift station and the associated sewer main was 100% assessable to landowners within the area that will benefit from the newly installed asset.

Assessments are levied at a rate of $7,805 per acre.

A total of 149.30 acres is included within the lift station service area. Parcel owners, acreage and the amount assessed are as follows:

• Capital Asset Investment, 12.61 acres on Parkview, $98,422

• Capital Asset Investments, 34.87 acres on Parkview, $272,163

• YMCA of Northern Rock County, 5.07 acres on Parkview, $39,571

• City of Milton, Crossridge Park, 8.6 acres on South Janesville Street, $67,124

• Pierce Farms, Inc., 88.15 acres on EMH Townline Road, $688,017

A resolution approved by council outlining terms of assessments and payments, noted the following: assessments levied for the properties benefiting from the improvements will become due for properties that have an existing structure, or when a site plan or land division is approved, or TIF development agreement is “agreed upon.”

The resolution further states that assessments on properties without a principal structure and which are not subject to an existing TIF development agreement on the date the resolution was adopted (July 21) shall be deferred due to nonuse until the property owner enters into a TIF development agreement, or has a land division or site plan approved by the city.

All other assessments are due Nov. 1, 2020, the resolution states.

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