The idea that the School District of Milton will have lost its top three administrators by July 1 is unfathomable.

Superintendent Tim Schigur and Director of Administrative Operations Jerry Schuetz are leaving and Director of Business Services Mary Ellen Van Valin is gone. What then?

Many in the community have said, “Who would come to Milton?” Well, many of us did.

We maybe didn’t choose Milton for Milton but we came here because it was close to other cities: Janesville, Madison, Rockford, Milwaukee. Only later did we fall in love with Milton and like Joseph Goodrich (our founder) did we decide as much as any place, this is our paradise found.

Many of us in Milton actually like Milton for what it does not have: traffic, parking meters, lots of crowds.

We like short voting lines, few traffic signs. We like wine and pizza, fish on Friday nights.

We love to party on the Fourth of July.

On Memorial Day, we come together to honor our veterans. If somehow, you have never gotten out of your vehicle to walk around the monuments at Veterans Park, get out of your car and take a close look at them. The creation and upkeep of this memorial park is what Milton is all about. Veterans, together with high school students, employees of Milton’s Charter NEX, city employees and other friends and family were working at the park on Monday. They were shining the stones, pulling weeds and adding mulch. The sun was shining and you couldn’t help but think that is our community. And, the park continues to grow. Funds are being raised for a pavilion with bathrooms and a kitchen area.

Most of us did not come here to be the superintendent. At this time, we agree that a national search for superintendent would be wise. Perhaps someone who has never been to Milton, someone who has no alliances here would be best for Milton.

We’re looking for someone who likes challenges, who unifies. Someone who educates children, teachers and adults of all kind. Someone who questions and seeks answers. Someone who can explain things so we can understand. Someone who focuses on the big picture but doesn’t hide details.

Our Milton is a treasure. We have much to offer in this dairyland. Even Alice in Dairyland is from our school district.

Many administrators would want to come to Milton, they just need to learn who we really are.

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