A poll showed President Donald Trump was down 4 points in Wisconsin. His son Eric Trump pointed this out when he spoke at a campaign event in Milton on Oct. 12, but he and a crowd of hundred or so didn’t seem to care. Polls had underestimated Trump’s level of support before he was elected president.

At Diamond Assets, an asset management firm specializing in Apple technology buyback programs, chairs were spaced apart from one another on the main floor and all of the chairs were filled. Some people stood at the back of the room.

“We just left a site that had 400-500 people,” said Eric Trump, who had been in Menomonee Falls.

“We are stronger than we have ever been before,” he cheered.

The Nov. 3 Presidential Election was no longer about Republicans vs. Democrats, he said. “Honestly, it’s not," he said. "It’s right vs. wrong.”

He gave the example of “court packing,” which he said was not that that the Democratic Party wanted to put justices on the court but to also expand the number of judges.

“These people are crazy,” he said. “When you look at the Democratic party. This is not the party of JFK or Bill Clinton.”

Eric Trump said Democrats want to raise taxes, ban plastic straws and censor people on social media. He asked if anyone had heard that Kamala Harris, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate, wanted to limit the amount of red meat people eat.

He emphasized the importance of funding law enforcement.

Pointing to a few officers in the back of the room, he said, “We love you, we appreciate you, thank you.”

Turning to the topic of religion, he said, “There’s an organized kind of crusade on religion these days.”

They want “In God we trust” off of currency and the pledge of allegiance out of schools, he said.

“Why?” he asked.

“They want to go after your second amendment,” he continued. “They certainly want to take away your guns. I don’t think that’s all that popular around here based on the looks in this room.”

He later referenced ammo and said when his father took office, he was told the military had a shortage of ammunition.

“No one in this room has an ammo shortage,” he said. “US military, just go to Wisconsin, they’ll take care of you, you’re in good shape.”

The audience laughed and clapped.

Gas is about $1.90 at the pumps, he said because “We’re energy independent because of my father. He allowed pipelines to be built.”

He said President Trump wants to further reduce healthcare costs, he wants more tax cuts, he wants more deregulation, he wants more help for farmers and industry.

He thanked the McKennas (Mike is president and Diamond is chief operations officer at Diamond Assets) for hosting the event and said, “What an all-American dream story that is.”

He continued: “My father wants to protect our economy. He wants the lowest unemployment. He wants and he is building the greatest military the world’s ever seen. He doesn’t want to use the military, in fact, he wants to get out of every country we’ve been sitting in for 20 years. But he wants a military so damn strong that if we ever had to use it, it would be over in about 3 seconds.”

Then, he said everybody would know not to mess with the United States.

When you reduce taxes, he said “you make companies competitive again. You reduce regulations, you allow them to be able to build phenomenal facilities like this.”

And, he said, “You become a cheerleader for this country. I think that’s the one thing the media doesn’t talk about. I think the thing my father will be known for is – I think he’s become the greatest cheerleader this country has ever seen. And, we needed a cheerleader. For all the nonsense that my father gets because he’s a fighter and he’s got backbone, this country needed a fighter like never before. We needed a fighter. Because we were getting ripped off by China, Mexico, NATO, and the European Union. We were getting used an abused by everybody around the world and we’re not anymore.”

He reminded the audience what they’re fighting for: “We’re fighting red, white and blue, we’re fighting for a flag that we love. We’re fighting for a country that we love. We’re fighting for a national anthem that we love. We’re fighting for law enforcement, military, businesses, beautiful kids, education and school choice, and certainly families.”

And, he concluded, “We’re going to win this fight because we are on the right side of every single one of these issues."


Milly Babcock of Milton was in Texas for a wedding when she received a text that the campaign would be stopping in Milton and flew back Sunday.

“I was thrilled and very proud of Mike and Diamond McKenna for hosting at their huge beautiful company,” she said.

Inspired by Monday’s event, Babcock planned to get more yard signs to put out.

Earlier in his life, Timothy Rookey of Middleton said he considered himself a Democrat. That’s no longer the case.

“Trump has accomplished so many things: getting our economy strong, getting our borders secure, very much defending religious values,” Rookey said. “He’s done more for the Pro-Life moment than any other president and he really stands up for America, puts us first and tries to make sure that other countries pay their share.”

Outside on the sidewalk Susanna Bucklin held a sign that said, “No hate in our state.” Her sister Laine, who recently converted to Roman Catholicism, held a sign that said “Proverbs 22:16: Whoever oppresses the poor or gives to the rich shall only come to poverty.”

Susanna, 20, and her sister Laine, 18, whose family recently moved from Milton to Janesville, weren’t afraid to share that they were not Trump supporters.

“He’s dividing the country to a point that we haven’t seen since the Civil War,” Susanna said. “We’ve seen a dramatic increase in domestic terror and hate crime."

Susanna also didn’t like that the Trump campaign made a stop in Milton during a pandemic, when she said Wisconsin was being hit hard.

Inside the building anyone who was not wearing a mask was encouraged to wear one and masks were available for those who did not have one.

The McKennas declined an interview for this story.

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