At first pass it just looked like a regular glass bottle.

But after a second look, Miranda Majorowicz realized there was something inside.

Majorowicz was hiking with her family on her husband’s birthday at the Vinnie Ha Ha Marsh in Koshkonong when they stumbled upon a surprise.

“We actually walked past it (the bottle) once and then on the way back it caught my eye,” said Majorowicz, an Edgerton native. “I happened to notice there was something white in it. I picked it up and there was a piece of paper in it.”

Turns out, a message in a bottle had washed ashore.

Majorowicz cut the bottle open and read the letter.

“It was so old the paper was falling out,” Majorowicz said.

But how old?

The Majorowicz family took the piece of paper home and snapped a few photos just in case the note fell apart on the way back.

The message in the bottle was written in 1986. Majorowicz tried to track down the writer of the note using the name and address on the message.

Unfortunately for Majorowicz, the address no longer existed, which was a Milton highway address. The message asked whoever found the letter to try and reach out.

“To whomever gets this note: When you get this letter please write to me and tell me who you are. I just wanted to see if this stuff about bottles is true.”

Luckily, she did find the author of the letter.

Majorowicz posted the information on Facebook and within 12 hours the post had over 300 shares and the author had been found.

The note was written by a 12-year old Becky Schultz, who is now Becky Lane and lives in nearby Janesville. Becky’s son Doug Lane caught wind of the post on Facebook and shared it with his mom.

“I was tagged in a comment on the original post on Facebook by my elementary school teacher, Mary Richards, asking if it was my mom,” he said in a message to the Milton Courier. “The handwriting looked like hers still does today.”

Becky and Majorowicz exchanged some texts over the 34-year old note.

“She really didn’t even remember doing it,” Majorowicz said. “She asked her mom and they vaguely remember it. They had a relative that lives on Lake Koshkonong. She assumed that’s where she did it. She thought it was really cool that it was actually found.”

“She doesn’t even remember making the message at all, but I guess what they say about bottles is true,” Doug said.

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