Anna Pember

Anna Pember watches her approach shot Aug. 22, 2019, at Oak Ridge Golf Course in Milton. Oak Ridge, along with other courses across the state, will be allowed to open up on Friday, April 24.

Local and area golf courses can be open starting Friday, April 24.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers set down a list of guidelines when ruling the courses could open despite the extension of the Safter-At-Home policy he ordered extended to May 26.

“We’re elated to be able to open up, and we will abide by whatever guidelines were set up because we know it can (the right to be open) be taken away from us at any time,” said Kirk Wieland, owner of Oak Ridge Golf Course in Milton. “Our members have been great, and I’ve been in constant contact with them, and I know they’re just as excited about to be able to get out and play as we are to open up.”

To cooperate with the guidelines, tee times and payments must be made over the phone or online.

Wieland said tee times will be spaced 10 and 12 minutes apart and the course will have one vacant tee time block per hour to start the hour to help ease in the newly setup online reservations.

Golf carts will not be allowed under the guidelines and clubhouses and pro shops will remain closed, but restaurants and bar facilities may remain open for takeout or delivery.

Because the clubhouse is closed, Wieland noted that alcohol will be prohibited.

Players are asked to adhere to social distancing rules at all times, unless players share the same living unit or household. Driving ranges and mini golf courses will not be allowed to open back up under the guidelines.

“People have to be respectful of one and other. That’s the most important thing,” Wieland said. “If your ball goes into the fairway, next to you, follow proper social distancing guidelines.”

Oak Ridge is set to open on Friday and is now taking online reservations.

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