Milton Junction Cemetery

Milton Junction Cemetery 41 N. John Paul Road, known initially as Rose Hill, was founded in 1849. The private nearly 8-acre cemetery is operated by the Milton Junction Cemetery Board of Trustees. Henry Beebe Crandall's wife, Lucinda, was the first to be buried in the cemetery on April 2,1849.

Following is a brief history and statistics about Milton’s three cemeteries.

Milton Cemetery, North Janesville Street, was founded in 1839 and is operated by the city of Milton. Information supplied by the city notes that the cemetery includes nearly 13 acres and some 3,700 individuals are buried there. There are 347 plots available for purchase. While the number of veterans buried in the cemetery was unavailable, it was noted that Civil War veterans are among those interred. Milton founder Joseph Goodrich is among the first citizens buried in the cemetery. The most recent burial was in May.

Milton Junction Cemetery, 41 N. John Paul Road, was founded in 1849 by Henry Beebe Crandall. His wife, Lucinda, was the first to be buried there. The private nearly 8-acre cemetery was originally called Rose Hill and is today operated by the Milton Junction Cemetery Board of Trustees. Some gravestones show earlier burials dating back to 1840 but, a church history states, “It is possible they were moved there.” There are approximately 3,755 gravesites within the cemetery and 250 remain available for purchase. Additional land is waiting to be surveyed for more sites, according to members of the board of trustees. Some 168 veterans are buried in the cemetery, representing wars between the American Revolution to the War in Iraq. The most recent burial was in May.

St. Mary Cemetery, West High Street, was founded in 1903, but its first burial was recorded in 1897. It is a private cemetery operated by St. Mary Parish. While the acreage was not supplied, a parish official noted there are approximately 745 people buried in the cemetery and 10% of its gravesites are available for future burials. There are 137 veterans buried in the cemetery. Among the first citizens buried are members of the Wixom and Sleepman families. The most recent burial was in March.

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