Ryan Curless started the school year as the School District of Milton’s new director of technology and innovation.

Prior to working in Milton, he served as the network administrator for the School District of Janesville, where he was responsible for managing the software side of the district’s information technology network.

Curless has spent his entire 13-year career serving public education in Wisconsin.

Throughout his career he’s held many positions from a computer support position to technology director.

A University of Wisconsin-Whitewater graduate, Curless has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Computer Systems.

To get to know him a little bit better, the Milton Courier asked him a few more questions.

What do you like most about working in IT?

I like the change and constant evolution of the technology that is available to enrich our lives. In the ’90s, many of us got an opportunity to experience mobile technology for the first time with a cell phone. Looking back on it now, the technology we have available in that same space is so far beyond what was capable with a ’90s-era cell phone that it’s hard to imagine functioning in today’s society with the limited capabilities present in those devices.

Technology is transformative. Weaving it into education gives us the ability to change the way instruction is delivered, change the way information is shared and consumed, and even change the very perception of technology itself from simply a tool to an essential part of who we are.

Do you have any previous connections to Milton?

I grew up in Janesville, with many of the members of my family working for General Motors. Milton was always our friendly neighbor to the north, but I had not really developed a connection here until a few years ago when my wife and I started a family and decided we wanted our children to attend Milton schools.

What else do you want readers to know about you?

I believe in public education. I believe that everyone has a right to learn and be given the tools they need to be successful in life. I try not to make it more complicated than that.

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