A meeting at city hall

The City of Milton Common Council conducted the following business May 19:

Two exterior grant applications approved

Residential Exterior Improvement Program grant applications submitted by two homeowners were approved.

A grant in an amount not to exceed $4,413.50 was approved for Alaina Stenelle, 23 Windsor Court. Funds will be used for the replacement of a roof, gutters and downspouts. Quotes submitted by the applicant included $8,827 for roofing and $2,077 for gutters and downspouts.

A grant in an amount not to exceed $1,275 was approved for Mike and Nicki Marquart, 932 E. High St. Funds will be used for the replacement of a roof over a garage. The applicant submitted a quote of $2,550.

The Residential Exterior Improvement Program provides matching grants to qualifying homeowners and is capped at $5,000 for each application.

COVID-19 Task Force supported

Council passed a resolution in support of forming a Rock County COVID-19 response, reopening and recovery task force.

The task force is charged with sharing information, engaging in problem solving to help mitigate service gaps, and sharing resources to “address priority areas of concern,” the resolution states.

The resolution directs city staff to work with other groups including local governments, health providers, businesses, nonprofits, school districts and organizations of higher education, faith-based communities, agriculture, tourism, other stakeholders and the Public Health Emergency Operations Center, to aid countywide recovery from the effects of COVID-19.

Citywide 2020 real estate revaluation rescheduled

Council voted in favor of rescheduling a planned citywide 2020 real estate revaluation. Council initially authorized the revaluation in September of 2019.

In a memo to council, Finance Director Dan Nelson noted that staff had expressed concern that effects from the March through May COVID-19 shutdown could have unpredictable impacts on real estate prices.

Staff and the city’s contracted assessor, Musser Appraisal, determined, Nelson wrote, that, although work on the 2020 revaluation had already begun, Musser Appraisal could be compensated by adding $12,000 to the company’s existing contract, allowing the revaluation work to be “spread out over 2021-2022.”

Moving the revaluation to 2021-2022 would allow time to bring about a “better understanding of real estate pricing stabilization,” Nelson wrote.

Sewer main bidding process underway

Council adopted two resolutions, the first allows the city to conduct a public hearing before installing a sanitary sewer line to a home at 331 North Janesville St., and a second allows the city to conduct a public hearing to install sanitary sewer lines to other homes not yet connected to city sewer service on Janesville street.

The need to install 346 feet of sanitary sewer line to 331 North Janesville St. came after the homeowner informed the city that a private septic system on the property had failed its inspection.

In a memo to council, Public Works Director Howard Robinson outlined plans to extend 940 feet of sanitary sewer lines to include other homes along Janesville Street, but delay associated assessments until a time when the private septic systems on those properties failed.

In his memo, Robinson wrote that, as a matter of long-term planning, extending the sewer line to properties along the street was preferred. Funding options would need to be explored, he wrote.

New sanitary sewer main installation is 100% assessable to property owners, the memo stated.

In a follow-up email, City Administrator Al Hulick wrote, after bids for both options are received, costs will be evaluated to see if adding the second option “is feasible with current budget dollars.”

Information provided to council noted $260,545 was available within the city’s Wastewater Fund for potential sewer main expansion.

A public hearing for one or both projects will likely be set for June 23, Hulick wrote.

Cloth face covering policy passed

Council approved a policy outlining a new work rule for city employees and elected officials, requiring them to wear cloth face coverings when inside city-owned facilities within shared, public and common areas, and when conducting business with the public.

Clerk delegated to issue licenses

Council approved an ordinance delegating the city clerk as the authority to issue operator’s licenses. The ordinance was made possible after Gov. Tony Evers signed Act 166 into law on March 5, according to a memo to council from City Clerk Leanne Schroeder.

The measure is meant to help expedite licensure processing by removing it from the agendas of governing bodies, which also frees council time for policy making, Schroeder wrote.

Elizabeth Street curb and gutter bid approved

Payne & Dolan, Inc. has been awarded the contract to perform a street resurfacing project, including curb and gutter replacement, to be completed this summer. City engineer Mark Langer said the project will affect about 20 properties along East and West Elizabeth Street. Construction is scheduled to begin late this month and complete in mid-July, he said.

In a memo to council, Langer noted that the city received two bids. The first, from Payne & Dolan, was $78,855. A second, from Rock Road Companies, Inc., was $89,983.80.

Costs associated with curb and gutter replacement will be assessed to homeowners living in the project area, Langer said. Residents will pay half of those costs. All other costs associated with the project are the obligation of the city, he said.

In a document produced on May 5 and titled: “Report of Director of Public Works 2020 Curb and Gutter Replacement,” total curb and gutter replacement costs were calculated at $42 per linear foot. The full project includes 453 feet, making the full curb and gutter replacement cost $19,026. Of that cost, half is assessable to homeowners, making the full assessable amount $9,513. Homeowners affected by the work will receive individual assessments, based on the linear feet associated with their property, ranging between $903 and $210.

The project area includes the Rainbow Drive and West Elizabeth Street intersection through to the Hilltop Drive intersection, ending at the East Elizabeth Street and Skyview Drive intersection.

A public hearing for those living in the affected area was scheduled for June 2, after which council was scheduled to entertain a resolution to assess curb and gutter costs to homeowners.

Utility mutual aid authorized

Council authorized the city administrator and public works director to enter into a utility mutual aid agreement with the cities of Janesville and Edgerton. The agreement allows reciprocal assistance between the three cities in cases of emergency.

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