How many times have we heard that young adults should be allowed to do things older adults do. Now we say these individuals need help with their loans. What are we teaching these individuals? Who made these debts? Why should we the taxpayers fix the problem? If they need re-financing, they should do this themselves. As far as 9-15% interest. When I was their age, most loans were 15-28% and we managed to pay them off making $3 to $7 an hour. Maybe this could be a lesson for the youth heading to colleges. Work and spend less. Parents can save and they should help support their children. Parents could help them get the refinancing. Beware when a state bureau wants the public to give the money. I wonder how many more state employees it is going to take to regulate this program and who will pay their wages. When students graduate and become adults, they should be responsible for their debts, as any adult who takes a loan on a vehicle or a home. Let our college graduates support themselves without interference from a political-backed state bureau.

Donald Axelsen


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