Storage Wisconsin has been given the OK to park four U-Haul trucks (no pull-behind trailers) at 1135 S. Janesville St.

The company was granted a conditional use permit by the city council (as recommended by the Plan Commission) on Dec. 17.

Storage Wisconsin owner Paul Heberer of Fitchburg, said, “We were contacted by U-Haul because they felt there was a need in the Milton area.”

The parking that I’m trying to get a permit for right now is just temporary to see if there’s any need for that type of truck in Milton.

Heberer said U-Haul will have two to four vehicles on the site and all business will be handled by U-Haul online. Customers are given a code to unlock a lock box, where there’s a key.

When asked if people will leave personal vehicles behind in place of the rental vehicles, Heberer said U-Haul told him customers generally do not leave a vehicle behind, usually someone comes with them to drive their vehicle. If they would need to leave a vehicle behind, he said customers would leave their vehicle in the spot that the rental truck was.

No additional blacktop or lights are planned. The vehicles would be screened from the residential area to the west by the evergreen tree plantings.

Department of Public Works Director Howie Robinson said the trucks won’t take up parking that the current storage units need because the driveways are large enough to park four U-Hauls.

The U-Haul business would be a nice service for Milton and bring more awareness of his storage facility, Heberer said.

“There’s a need for storage in Milton,” Heberer said, noting he has a waiting list.

“If we would build out more storage units, we would want to do really nice parking near the road,” he added.

According to, U-Haul has a moving and storage in Janesville and Fort Atkinson and U-Haul Neighborhood Dealers in Janesville, Fort Atkinson and Whitewater.

The property at 1135 S. Janesville Street has 68 storage units and is zoned B-2. The parking of vehicles not associated with the primary use would be considered “outdoor storage/display.” Outdoor storage/display could be allowed with a conditional use permit within this zone district.

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