The Milton Fire Department is one of two locations where scout Aurora Pregler plans to build and place bat houses for her Eagle Scout project. In addition to the fire station, Pregler plans to place bat houses at the Tails and Trails Dog Park in Milton.

A Milton-area scout plans to build and install bat houses at two locations in the city as part of her Eagle Scout project.

The goal of the project, according to Aurora Pregler’s project proposal letter, is to protect bats in the region, as well as Milton residents.

“Bat houses are very beneficial to the community of Milton because they will keep bats out of the attics of homes that surround the trail and will give homes to bats that live in Milton,” Pregler’s letter to Rock County Parks manager John Traynor states. “Having bats in Milton will be good because bats eat hundreds of mosquitoes and other pesky bugs.”

Pregler, a member of Troop 417, asked the Milton City Council to install bat houses on the trail behind the fire station on Madison Avenue and at the Tails and Trails Dog Park in Milton. The bat houses will be installed by members of the troop and will come with no financial impact to the city, as Eagle Scout projects are funded fully by donations to the scout.

The bat houses will be approximately 100 cubic feet each, with a partition inside to create two roosting chambers, according to Pregler’s blueprints. The Backyard Habitat Certification Program’s website says bat houses of this size can hold between 50 and 100 bats each.

Members of the council unanimously voted in support of the donation from Pregler, and several members expressed their gratitude for Pregler’s project.

“I really appreciate your efforts, as I’m a lifelong conservationist,” council member Larry Laehn said. “There’s truly a need for housing for bats, as they’re really struggling as you all know yourself. And it’s really a wonderful asset to the community in terms of insect control and things like that, too. Thank you.”

With the donation, Pregler will begin the process of building the bat houses with her troop, meaning the houses will likely be put up at their locations this summer.