It’s time to end the mask policy for children in the Milton School District.

There are many studies coming out sounding the alarm on the long-term social and physiological effects the mask is having on children. With temperatures rising, wearing a mask could be dangerous.

Mask-wearing defies common sense and reason considering children have nearly no risk of becoming severely ill. The risks of wearing a mask is more concerning than a virus that has 99.97% survival rate for them. Continued mask-wearing for summer school in classrooms with no air conditioning is putting children at risk.

The staff is vaccinated and there is no reason to make the children suffer an indoor mask mandate when the community is not required to. Support for a mask choice policy is growing across Rock County and in our district. Parent groups are forming and growing rapidly. Thousands of people across the state of Wisconsin are against masking and are asking for the choice. Nearly 200 school districts in our state have removed their mask policy, and it’s time for the Milton School District to do the same.

The school board could not fully vote on this issue with a missing member last week. We do not know where they stand on the matter, and we have the right to know. I’m calling on Superintendent Rich Dahman and the Milton School Board to do what’s right for the children and give the choice back to the parents.



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