Former Tasty Bites

Exterior paint and flooring was done last week at the former Tasty Bites, 740 E. St. Mary St. New owners plan to open a new restaurant in October.

What’s going into the former Tasty Bites/Burger King location at 740 E. St. Mary St.?

A remodel is underway, the menu is being put together and the name of the new restaurant is being contemplated, Kiki Ademi told the Milton Courier.

She and her husband, known as Chef Benny, are the new restaurant owners. They also own two restaurants in Whitewater.

Kiki said they bought the Milton restaurant at the end of June.

When they bought the Milton restaurant, she said, “Our intentions were just to have it as an investment.”

She and her husband opened Fanatico, an Italian restaurant in Whitewater, in 2015. According to the Fanatico website, the restaurant has garnered certificates of excellence for earning favorable reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google.

In March the couple opened a second restaurant in Whitewater, La Piazza Pizzeria, featuring pizza by the slice. The pizza is New York-style made with Alta Cucina (plum tomato) sauce, fresh mozzarella and handmade dough. Chef Benny knows New York style because that’s where he’s from.

When the restaurateur they had planned to work with in Milton backed out, the Ademis stepped up.

They had covered the windows with newspapers and posted a sign with Chef Benny’s phone number so people who had questions about the building could call.

“So many people were calling my husband’s phone asking when we were going to open and what we were doing,” Kiki said.

The plan is to open the new restaurant for breakfast and lunch in October, she said.

Kiki not only grew up in the restaurant business in Illinois, she was literally born into it.

“I was born in my father’s first restaurant in the banquet room,” she said. “True story.”

Since birth she and her family have stayed in the restaurant business. They started with an Italian restaurant.

“With the economy changing, my family switched to diners,” Kiki said.

That is their plan for Milton, she said “but not just any diner, more high end.”

“Our vision is quality and quantity,” she continued. “That’s what we’ve always stood for.”

When asked if they might be bringing menu items from Fanatico to Milton, she said maybe.

“We really want to focus on breakfast and lunch,” she said.

She said the look and feel of the restaurant will be updated and unique. To really get a feel for what they do, she invited readers to dine in one of their restaurants.

“We really hope that we’re bringing something to the community that they’re going to appreciate and support,” she said.

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