We heard during the Vice Presidential debate the saying, you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. It seems appropriate then to set the record straight regarding State Representative Don Vruwink’s position on rural broadband issues.

Don knows broadband is very important to students, small businesses, and family farms. Don has worked in a bi-partisan fashion from day one to improve rural broadband.

The fact is that Republicans took the original amount of spending proposed by Gov. Evers of $78 million to expand high speed internet and cut it by $30 million. Don also co-sponsored six bills to improve and expand high-speed internet.

Those bills were killed in committee by the majority party, but Don led his colleagues in supporting a seventh bill that did pass the legislature and was signed into law. I know Don will continue to support broadband expansion in the future. Don’t be fooled this election by the political spin tactics we hear so often. Vote for experience now more than ever! Vote to re-elect Don Vruwink State Representative.

Rob Roy


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