A judge has ruled that the Wisconsin Elections Commission must immediately follow state law, removing voters from voter rolls if they have moved.

WEC ignored state law on how to handle people who have moved. Wisconsin participates with 28 other states in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). ERIC flags individuals who report an official government transaction from an address different than their voter registration address. Read Wis. Stat. s. 6.50(3).

Put simply, when WEC receives reliable information that voters have moved, they send a notice to the mover at the address of their voter registration. A voter has 30 days to affirm whether they still live at the address. If the voter affirms they live at the address by returning the postcard or completing a brief form online nothing happens.

If the voter takes no action for 30 days, WEC is to change the voter’s registration status from eligible to ineligible. The voter must then reregister before VOTING.

Democrats are falsely claiming this will “rig” the election and “suppress” the vote. How? The ERIC data on movers is believed to be 90-95% accurate. That means these flagged voter registrations are, in fact, located at old addresses and should come off the rolls.

Those listed by mistake must take steps to confirm their voting address. If they fail to take those steps, Wisconsin has same-day voter registration and in-person absentee voting, meaning voters have every opportunity to re-register and cast a ballot. EVERYONE gets to vote.

Amy Holterman Milton

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