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Northleaf Winery’s American Orange Muscat captured a Platinum medal in the 2019 Great American International Wine Competition.

Entries from 18 countries around the world were judged at this premiere competition held on May 4 and 5 in Rochester, New York. More than 1,400 entries were evaluated by a panel of experts including Masters of Wine, sommeliers, enologists, winemakers, distributors, wine educators and wine writers. Wines submitted to the competition ranged in price up to $449.

These world-renowned judges evaluated the wines using a hybrid standard not traditionally seen in US wine competitions. The scoring integrated a world standardized point scale recognized by the OIV (The International Organization of Vines and Wine), sensory mapping and the American straight-medals system. This combination sets the Great American International Wine Competition’s standards apart from other US competitions. It offers wineries sensorial analysis and evaluation of their wines based on the highest professional criteria.

Northleaf Winery’s American Orange Muscat is an aromatic dessert wine. There is no orange to be found in it — amazingly, the flavors are a characteristic of the grape. Orange Muscat is a white grape variety. When made into wine, it exhibits Muscat characteristics with a strong aroma of oranges and a taste of orange blossoms and apricots. This particular vintage also had an extended maceration time, which causes white wine to result in an orange color as well.

This wine is available only in the tasting room of the winery for $18. Northleaf Winery opened in Milton in February 2009 and celebrated their 10th anniversary this year. Gail, John and Bruce Nordlof are the winemakers.

The Great American International Wine Competition is organized and conducted by the Raise A Glass Foundation, created to support charities around the world. Their international wine, beer and spirit competitions donate all unopened bottles of judged wine, beer or spirits to designated charities to use in their fundraising efforts. Learn more at

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Congratulations!!!! 🎈🎊🎉🍾 What an honor!!!

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