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The city of Milton will serve as a fiscal agent for the Milton Youth Coalition. City council gave the OK last month.

The Milton Youth Coalition is applying for a $125,000 Drug-Free Communities Support Program grant that will aid advocacy and awareness programs associated with underage drinking and substance abuse. A fiscal agent is required for the grant application due this month.

By serving as the fiscal agent for the grant, the city of Milton would essentially be responsible for all administration, accounting and employment related to all grant activities.

The grant requires the hiring of a program director and a program coordinator. Both would serve as employees of the city of Milton.

Library Director Ashlee Kunkel has agreed to serve as the program director with the assistance city staff at city hall.

A new employee would need to be hired for the program coordinator position and the grant would cover all costs associated with wages, benefits, etc. for the employee, said City Administrator Al Hulick.

Additionally, Hulick said the city would have in-kind work likely on behalf of the city clerk, finance director/treasurer, city administrator and administrative services director, in various support capacities.

“One of the other pieces to the grant is there must be a match to the grant,” he said. “The grant request is for $125,000 so that means the Milton Youth Coalition would have to come up with a match of $125,000, which sounds like a very large match.”

However, Hulick said in-kind contributions, including time spent, can be charged to the grant as a match.

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