When he walks out onto the ice the night before the Super Bowl, Chad Green is hoping to launch a tradition that will help veterans.

While spectators gather around a frozen Lake Koshkonong, he plans to set the sky ablaze with a free fireworks show to help a good cause.

Green is a veteran of Desert Storm and works at the Veterans Administration hospital in Madison. Through the nonprofit organization he started, Fireworks On Ice, he is launching Boomfest 2020 on Saturday, Feb. 1.

Green’s goal is to raise money to offset the cost of the event and help injured veterans by making their homes more accessible.

Green’s trial run last year had to be delayed because of a lack of ice on the lake. He is hoping for success this year with a later date.

“I thought it would be cool in the middle of winter,” he said. “Forget about your problems and enjoy the fireworks.”

Green said fireworks sound different with snow on the ground and look different in the clear and cold winter air.

Fireworks will be only part of the show at Highwood Club House, 80 Forest Ave., Edgerton. Green has hired an ice sculptor, the Ho-Chunk dancers will perform and he’s looking for a band. The plan is to fly 100 eco-friendly Chinese lanterns over the lake.

Green, who lives in Edgerton, said he is looking for event sponsors and is hoping people donate to the cause.

He is working with a contractor who helped put on Shake the Lake in Madison last year, he said. While this fireworks show will not have as much money behind it, he said there will be plenty of bang for the buck.

Green last year spent $7,000 of his own money on the fireworks and this year plans a similar show, he said.

He has put a link to accept donations through PayPal on the Fireworks on Ice Facebook page and has more information on his website, veteransfire worksonice.org.

Last year, he netted $1,100. He is looking to raise more this year and make this an annual event.

“I am a new organization and concept,” he said.

Green originally came up with Boomfest to draw attention to the problem of veteran suicide. He said the middle of winter can be a depressing time. He hopes the event gives people something to look forward to.

“Something that makes you feel good. That is what this is all about,” he said.

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