The Badger Conference will not participate in the extended spring sports seasons, according to a news release from the conference.

“Again, we express our sadness for our student-athletes and coaches, who have worked so hard in preparation of the season,” the release states. “This decision will allow closure for our seniors and we wish them the best of luck moving forward.

“The Badger Conference will also continue to support all of our student-athletes and coaches through the end of the school year.”

The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s recent overturning of the Safer-At-Home order will have no bearing on the conference’s decision, according to Milton Activities Director and Badger Conference President Brian Hammil.

The WIAA Board of Control voted to extend the unrestricted summertime coaching contact for spring sports in April.

The extension permits spring teams — including current seniors — to hold practices and competitions for up to 30 days in the summer.

Teams were only allowed five days of summer contact in past years.

“Athletic directors feel that coaches are provided five unrestricted days of contact, and all sports other than football has unlimited contact. So, all programs can work with their coaches in the summer,” Hammil said. “The difference in the unrestricted and the unlimited is that the school will not be paying for or sponsoring any of the program. We feel the rules already in place provide our student athletes and coaches plenty of opportunity without having to cost the school anything or having to follow WIAA in-season rules. Administrators in the Badger Conference wanted to put a period on the spring season so summer program can move forward, as well as helping our student athletes move forward.”

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