Father and daughter

Dave Soddy and his daughter, Samantha

Samantha Soddy shared her family’s experience with COVID-19 on Facebook and this week has good news: her dad is home from the hospital.

“The last two weeks have been some of the hardest of my life hands down,” Samantha, a 2015 graduate of Milton High School, wrote Friday.

She, her parents, Dave and Tammy Soddy of Milton; and brother Jaxon, a 2018 MHS graduate, all tested positive for COVID-19.

“We were hoping for mild cases, which my mom, brother and I all had for the most part,” she wrote.

“COVID hit my dad way harder and it progressively got worse each day. We had to take him to the hospital because his oxygen was going down fast. It was scary.”

The first week her dad was in the hospital, Samantha said his condition stayed about the same each day, then his condition began improving.

“They started weaning him off of the oxygen slowly each day,” she wrote.

When she shared the story on Facebook Friday, he had been off oxygen for almost 24 hours and the family was hoping to bring him home in a couple days.

“Although this has been a really rough time for us, I think it has brought my family closer than ever,” she wrote. “This life is so precious and I thank God that my dad is recovering. Make sure you say, ‘I Love you to the people you care about today!’”

Making the post public after a friend asked her to, she added, “(COVID-19) isn’t just some made up virus that plenty of people seem to think. I’ve seen lots of my ‘fb friends’ make jokes about COVID, wearing masks, etc. and I hope it doesn’t have to truly hit home for people to take this more seriously.”

Tuesday she reported her dad is doing well and happy to be home, but he’s still recovering. He still has trouble breathing and a cough. He has an oxygen tank at home if he needs it.

On Facebook, Samantha wrote: “Take COVID serious. I guarantee you’d take it more serious if you couldn’t visit or talk to a loved one for weeks and had no idea how they were really doing because you only get updates a couple times a day from their nurse. Just because you could get over it quick and have mild symptoms doesn’t mean that’s the same for the next person. It can become serious for ALL ages regardless of how healthy you are.”

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