On a sunny, but windy, Thursday, afternoon, several equestrians and Dianne Moller, owner of Hoo's Woods, a raptor rehabilitation center, accompanied by "Oakley" a spectacled owl used for public education, assembled at Milton West Elementary School. The equestrians next took a short ride through a residential neighborhood, arriving at Milton Senior Living, 600 W. Sunset Drive, where they rejoined with Moller and paraded around the outside of the facility to bring well-wishes and good cheer to residents inside. 

Moller and the equestrians made stops at windows, talking with and waving to residents who, in keeping with COVID-19 "Safer at Home" precautions, maintained social distancing by viewing the event from inside. 

Milton resident and event organizer Kricket Jewett said the idea was brought to her attention by a community member and modeled after an earlier event organized by Humane Society of the United States Wisconsin State Director Megan Nicholson and her friend Robin Guernsey. 

Similar events with people on horseback visiting senior living centers have since been organized in other communities, Jewett said. 

Photos of the afternoon's activities follow. 

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