A grandparent has only two rules — give love and be yourself. This story is a little different (just being myself) and comes with lots of love.

Sharing A Cup of ?

The details of life easily crowd; I forget some.

I needed to borrow something today

— a blouse, protractor, hedge-trimmer, . . .?

Here’s my to-do list — Make Ann’s special birthday dessert — pumpkin pie.

Good, it can be cool before tonight.

While assembling the ingredients my mind wanders,

Anticipating the finished product.

Yikes! No brown sugar!

My plans collapse like so many other parts of life just now.

All I need is a cup of sugar and financial security and perfect children and time for friends and my bedroom repainted and my dreams . . .

I want to see God working miracles at least once a week, feel His love as a continuous fountain of warmth.

But just now, my life feels emptier than my sugar jar.

I follow the familiar path to my neighbor’s home

— a friend who cares about my joys, sorrows, fears, failures.

I am relieved; she has plenty of brown sugar.

And she has more.

I came, seeking one cup; she graciously loads me with double.

The second cup in my hand is her faith.

While I am too tired, discouraged and stressed

to believe that God is interested in my personal woes,

my friend knows that He loves me unconditionally.

I do trust her.

Then I think, “so I can trust my friend, but not God?”

Oops, now I am really in trouble!

Looking around, I wonder where lightning will strike.

Instead, I am hear a gentle question,

‘Remember the paralytic whose friends brought him to Christ?’

Oh, yes. That story — the house was crowded, overflowing so four friends tore up the roof to lower their friend who could not walk.

Matthew tells us that Jesus healed the paralytic

when He saw ‘their faith’. A miracle based on ‘borrowed faith’.

Heading along the path, I wave a thankful farewell

to my friend and in the next breath ask,

“Lord, may I someday be able to pay the interest on this loan

by passing my faith on to another.”

And that time has come. My joy and faith have been replenished and I can pass it on to you.

When you can, pass it along to another.

But please keep a little to share with me

when life hits me too hard again.

Grandma is Rebecca Kordatzky.

She is a wife, mother of three and grandmother. A retired educator, she’s taught all levels and trained teachers. As an educational coach/tutor and at the Milton Area Youth Center, she aims to educate, encourage and inspire.

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