The Janesville Fire Department (JFD), City of Beloit Fire Department (BFD), and Town of Beloit Fire Department (TBFD) for the first time are holding training exercises together as a part of their recruit academies.

In its weekly newsletter, the city of Janesville on April 1 said: "The cooperation allows both departments to maximize efficiency and ensure the academy’s effectiveness. The partnership comes at a time when many fire departments are looking for ways to ensure recruits still receive critical training despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic."

On Tuesday, recruits completed vertical ventilation practice at JFD’s Chief Art Stearns Fire Training Center. In this exercise, recruits practiced their skills accessing a building roof with a ladder, then using saws and other tools to create an opening in the roof. This simulates the tactic firefighters use to ventilate heated smoke and toxic gases from a structure fire, increasing survivability and slowing a fire's spread.

Later in the week, recruits trained on standpipe system operation in the Parking Ramp in downtown Janesville. A standpipe system is a series of pipes that function as an extension of the fire hydrant system, bringing water into a building through an arrangement of piping and valve connections. This training ensures recruits can effectively respond in a situation where a standpipe system is utilized to combat a structure fire.

For questions and additional information about recruit training, contact the Janesville Fire Department at (608) 755-3050.

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