The co-owner of what used to be Copperhead Contracting in Milton has paid restitution on projects he was charged with not completing in Janesville and the town of Bradford, so his charges were dismissed.

Court records show that Rock County prosecutors on April 22 dismissed the felony charges levied against Ryan A. Metzker, 33, of Fort Atkinson, before he ever made an initial appearance on the case.

District Attorney David O’Leary told The Gazette last summer when charges were first filed that he was negotiating with Metzker’s attorney to get restitution.

Metzker himself also said in an August interview that a refund on the projects would be coming.

On Tuesday, he said he has paid back all the money he knows about. If there is money that is still owed, he said he is happy to work out getting people what is needed.

Court records show he paid $23,000 in restitution.

A Janesville family last summer shared their story about work that needed doing on the roof and siding of their new home on South Chatham Street following a hailstorm. They said they were frustrated with often-unanswered messages, calls and letters.

Metzker said previously that the projects fell through the cracks because he and his business partner had separated, leaving paperwork misplaced and jobs not entered into the computer system.

Metzker eventually started working for a different company. So, if people have questions related to work with Copperhead—which has been shut down for some time—he asked for some patience as he tries to track down details.

“I had no intentions of wrongfully doing any homeowners, neither did (Copperhead) at the time,” he said. “But during the split, there were mistakes that were made that had to be addressed afterwards.

“I tried to run (Copperhead) with integrity,” he added. “Bad things happened. I can only address those as they come.”

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