Milton Education Association President Renee Stieve, at Monday’s meeting, said the plan still leaves a variety of questions and details to be worked out.

She said, “I believe that the vision, goals, and details for the coming school year need to be clearly laid out so that everyone in Milton can be unified in our effort to create a safe learning environment for our students.”

A teacher heading into her 15th year in the Milton School District, Stieve said she’s happy to hear if in-person instruction occurs, the district is making a commitment to keep cohorts to fewer than 15 students.

(Ruggles later said the number in a cohort will depend on the square footage and staffing available.)

But she said “there are still many questions and concerns regarding sick days, classroom expectations, and overall instruction.”

Dahman told the Milton Courier: “We’ll continue to work with teachers on what instruction will look like.

“We’ll utilize our staff to provide a high quality education for all students, with an understanding that that might mean some teachers are in charge of the virtual instruction for that grade level while others are in charge of in-school instruction at that grade level.”

What that will look like will differ at different grade levels, he added.

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