Confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Rock County totaled 791 as of Monday afternoon.

The virus has caused 23 deaths in the county, according to data from the Rock County Public Health Department.

The percentage of positive cases has hovered at or below 5% for the last 10 days. The percentage of positive cases has not exceeded 10% since June 8, according to the data.

Daily increases of cases have been fewer than 10 each day since June 12.

Of those who have died, 65% have been ages 60 or older, and 35% have been younger than 60. The average age is 72.

Just more than half of the people who have tested positive in Rock County are between the ages of 35 and 64, at 51%. People ages 25 to 34 make up 16%; 15 to 25 make up 14%; 65 to 74 make up 7%; 75 and older make up 7%, and younger than 15 make up 5%.

The racial breakdown of those who have tested positive is 70% white, 18% Black, 3% Asian and 1% American Indian or Alaska native.

The ethnic breakdown is 59% non-Hispanic or Latino and 41% Hispanic or Latino.

There are 102 people with probable cases, meaning their test results came back inconclusive or they showed symptoms but were not tested, according to the health department.

Some 586 people have recovered from the virus.

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