Nicodemas Nimmo has been offering free photo shoots in the Milton area during the COVID-19 pandemic. From left to right: Hailey Smith, Trey Smith, Jennifer Smith and Amber Jacobs.

Nicodemas Nimmo knows the world is facing uncertain times.

So the photographer is doing his part to spread some positivity. Nimmo, who is located in Milton. is offering residents in the area free photo shoots. Done at a socially safe distance of course.

Nimmo said a couple months ago a friend of his shared a post of another photographer that was doing photo shoot walks in their neighborhood, taking photos of families outside of their homes.

“It looked like it was really positively received in that community,” said Nimmo, who owns Full Spectrum Photography. “I thought Milton is a small enough community to where I could probably do something like that.

“I go for a walk just about everyday. I see all these lovely homes that are all unique, have a lot of character to them. I thought I would love to photograph some of these and get to know some of the people I’m walking by all the time.”

Nimmo moved from Anchorage, Alaska, five years ago and found himself in Milton starting in late 2018.

“The goal when moving down here was to establish a reputation in the community as a person first and then as a photographer along with that,” Nimmo said.

Nimmo said 2020 was going to be the ramp up year for his photography business, but the COVID-19 pandemic slowed that plan.

“I had to start from square one when I got down here,” Nimmo said. “But the goal is to make that (photography) the primary thing. In the meantime it’s one of four different incomes for me.”

Along with photography, Nimmo also drives for Uber on the weekends, helps out at a farm and is a landlord.

“Out of all those things photography is definitely my passion. I enjoy taking pictures a lot more than shuttling drunks,” he said.

Nimmo also takes photos for the Janesville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, as well as business headshots, weddings, family photos, and scenery shots, to name a few.

He reached out to the Milton Community Facebook page to see if there would be enough interest in the community to add neighborhood photographer to that list.

“I got some responses, but not as many as I had hoped,” Nimmo said.

Despite the lack of feedback, Nimmo is still enjoying getting to the community better.

He especially enjoyed taking a photo shoot of one local family dressed up in dinosaur suits.

“It was glorious,” Nimmo said. “It was the best quarantine shoot I have done.

“There isn’t a family I’ve come across yet that I didn’t enjoy getting to know.”

Nimmo said families can contact him on Facebook to set up a free photo shoot.

“I just want to do something good or the community,” Nimmo said. “There is so much flying around about lives versus money, political debate, you’re evil if you want to open up and you’re evil if you want to stay closed. There’s fear, rhetoric and all this uncertainty. I can’t do anything about that. I don’t know what to believe and what not to believe.

“I can’t change that stuff. When I can do it (photo shoot), I bring a little bit of positivity to some other people. I can’t reach everybody, but I can certainly reach my neighbor.”

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