Sun Prairie area residents will have an opportunity to help dogs when they participate in Dane County’s Dog Park Clean-up Day on Saturday, March 24 at the Sun Prairie Pet Exercise Area located on South Bird Street.

The Humane Society of Jefferson County will be holding a Microchip Clinic on Saturday, April 17 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the shelter’s Community Education Room. Microchips cost $25 per pet, which includes registration in a pet recovery database. Appointments must be made in advance by calling 920-674-2048 or email

Veterinarians and animals shelters encourage microchipping as it substantially increases the likelihood of a pet returning home by offering secure, reliable, unique and permanent identification.

A microchip is no bigger than a grain of rice and the procedure is similar to a routine vaccination. At only $25, it is less costly than a month’s supply of pet food. A microchip and enrollment in a pet recovery database provides permanent identification that cannot wear down, fall off, or become scratched into illegibility like metal or plastic ID tags.

Without ID, 90% of lost pets never make it back home. 

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