The Rock County Public Health Department announced Nov. 16 that the county is immediately returning to Phase 1 of its reopening plan. According to the county:

1) Everyone should avoid gatherings of any size between individuals who are not members of the same living unit or household.

2) Contact/team sports should not take place.

3) Previously individual training with physical distancing was allowed for moderate/high risk recreational activities. This is not allowed in Phase 1.

4) Libraries, faith-based services, office settings, restaurants, bars, retail establishments, service establishments, community centers, shopping malls, auctions, gym/recreational facilities, pools, and places of amusement should limit capacity to 25%.

5) Salons, body art facilities, pet groomers and spas should not allow walk-in clients. Appointments are allowed. One client per employee is allowed and best business practices should be followed.

6) Schools should provide virtual options and flexibility to shift to virtual and transition to virtual school for a minimum of 2 weeks after any holiday or seasonal extended break.

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