The Milton School District counted 86 fewer students in 2021 than in 2020 in the annual student census taken at state public schools on the third Friday of every September, district Superintendent Rich Dahman told the school board Monday night.

There were 3,425 students enrolled in Milton schools on Sept. 17. The count on the third Friday of September 2020 was 3,553.

Dahman said the totals were broken down by grade level, by school and by the number of resident students who live within district boundaries and nonresident students who enrolled into the district through open enrollment.

The superintendent also said the district is exploring ways it can mitigate the decrease in state revenue that will result from the decline in enrollment.

High school principal gives report

Milton High School Principal Jeremy Bilhorn presented information on students using the district’s Early College Credit Program and Start College Now. Both programs are for students who have essentially “exhausted” Milton’s high school curriculum allow students to take courses at local technical colleges in the region or take an early college credits.

Some classes in the Start College Now program that Milton High students have chosen to take include shielded metal arc welding, radiography, criminal justice and electrical fundamentals.

A handful of students will take classes through ECCP. Classes Milton students will take include “Worker’s Protest and Social Change in U.S. History” and “Intro to Peace and Social Justice” through UW-Whitewater at Rock County.

The Milton School District will pay up to 18 college credits per student.

Bilhorn also went over requests to the board for early graduation

“Some students choose to apply to graduate early,” Bilhorn said. “It happens every year. However, some students do say, ‘I actually want to be in the second trimester and I want to participate and finish with my class.’ We always allow them to finish the year out if they want to.”

The entire board, except board member Joe Martin who was absent, voted to approve the requests as presented, 7-0.

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