TOWN OF TURTLE — Representatives from both the Town of Turtle and City of Beloit say they would be willing to discuss the their boundary dispute outside of court, but no action appears evident as a trial date has been set for next year.

The two municipalities have been caught up in a legal fight over a proposed 5-year extension of a boundary agreement that was never enacted by the City of Beloit.

At issue is a resolution that was certified by the Beloit City Council in 2012 following amendments to the 1999 boundary plan in February of 2001. The boundary agreement is set to expire on Dec. 31.

The Town of Turtle filed a lawsuit in March of 2020 after the Beloit City Council disallowed a claim made by the township in February.

At a board meeting on Wednesday, Turtle Town Board Chair Roger Anclam said the issue could be resolved if both parties were able to meet out of court, but he noted that the city had not been in recent contact about any negotiations.

“We stand ready to have those conversations, and if we can’t make that happen, then we have until the end of the year,” Anclam said.

In response, Beloit City Manager Lori Curtis Luther said the city had submitted “multiple” proposals for a settlement resolution, all of which have been rejected “without an alternate being offered.”

“I have not received a request from the Town to meet and as always remain open to negotiation,” Luther said.

Anclam said Wednesday that aspects of mediation were still being worked out, and he informed board members that all board members must attend mediation to be able to participate in the town’s legal proceedings.

A final pre-trial hearing is set for March 11, 2022 with a three-day jury trial scheduled for March 28, 2022, court records show.

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