It’s unfortunate that in a small community people feel the need to attack others for their political views and to do so publicly. I found the recent published letter concerning Milton School Board candidate, Leslie Hubert, completely out of line and offensive. We should never chose to attack someone nor can we assume to know a person’s character based on how they choose to vote. The people that vote in the Milton School District represent both political parties. There are board members that do not share my political views but I do not hold that against them. I trust that they will do what’s best for the district. We will never learn from one another If as a community we cannot treat each other with respect. Mrs. Hubert has much to offer our community. She has years of teaching experience and has children in the district. She will dedicate her time to listen to teachers and community concerns. She is devoted to making Milton excellent and she can be trusted to a great job for the community. To discredit Leslie Hubert would be a mistake!

Amy Holden, Janesville

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