Editor's note: The woman in this article is Samantha Soddy. We connected with her to get permission to use her name after we went to press Tuesday. 

“The last two weeks have been some of the hardest of my life hands down.” A Milton woman in her 20s described her family’s experience with COVID-19.

She, her parents and brother all tested positive for COVID-19.

“We were hoping for mild cases, which my mom, brother and I all had for the most part,” she wrote in a Facebook post Friday.

“COVID hit my dad way harder and it progressively got worse each day. We had to take him to the hospital because his oxygen was going down fast, it was scary.”

His condition remained the same for about a week before he began improving.

On Monday, her dad came home.

“Take COVID serious,” she wrote. “I guarantee you’d take it more serious if you couldn’t visit or talk to a loved one for weeks & had no idea how they were really doing because you only get updates a couple times a day from their nurse. Just because you could get over it quick and have mild symptoms doesn’t mean that’s the same for the next person. It can become serious for ALL ages regardless of how healthy you are.”

The Rock County Public Health Department’s municipal data dashboard was updated Monday to reflect not only Janesville and Beloit but COVID-19 figures for Milton (52 cases, no deaths), Clinton (38 cases, no deaths), Edgerton (58 cases and one death) and Evansville (20 cases, no deaths).

Probable cases in Milton are eight (thought to have COVID-19 by a doctor, but not laboratory confirmed). Twenty-six have recovered and negative test results are 1,190. The total number of people tested (positive, negative and pending) is 1,285.

Twenty-three percent of the cases were ages 25-34, 21% are ages 15-24, and 15% are ages 45-54.

Mask up, maintain a distance of 6 feet. Stay home if you are sick to help slow the spread of the virus.

Remember we are in a pandemic. It’s for real.

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