The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that many people interact, but one group that has seen especially substantial changes in their lives is those who are immunocompromised.

As we enter the holiday season with increasing COVID-19 cases in our community, it is particularly important that residents consider creative and safe ways to connect with others.

Individuals with cancer, or those have undergone cancer treatment in the past, are examples of people who may be immunocompromised. This is because cancer treatments can take a toll on the white blood cells, which help to fight infections.

The COVID-19 virus affects people in very different ways. While some community members experience only mild symptoms, those who are immunocompromised are at a much higher risk of getting severely sick from the virus.

Residents may be surprised to discover that they have family members, friends or neighbors who are immunocompromised due to cancer or other conditions. As such, it is very important that everyone does their part to protect themselves and keep others safe.

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