One of my favorite movies of all time is “Dead Poets Society.”

When Robin Williams, as English teacher John Keating, stood on a desk and encouraged his students to do the same, I knew for certain I would become a teacher or a writer. I knew this was something any of us could do when my AP English teacher, who was taller and bigger than most men, also stood on his desk. He was always talking about “POV” (point of view). Standing on a desk definitely gives you a different point of view, so does looking up at your teacher standing on a desk.

Any teen or young adult who saw that movie was inspired by “carpe diem.” Keating followed those words with “seize the day.”

Take action, grab hold of the day and make the most of it.

The Latin words “carpe diem” used by Horace, a Roman poet in the time of Emperor Augustus, literally mean “pluck the day.” According to, the words refer to gathering moments like flowers, suggesting the ephemeral (short-lasting) quality of life.

Whether we seize the day like we’re apprehending fleeing subject or we pluck it gently, as we would a delicate flower, hanging onto its beauty as long as we can, we must realize the importance of each day.

During our Safer at Home time and now our extended Safer at Home time, which I call Stay at Home 2, we must make the best of it.

I enjoy “exploring” different areas of my home. Last week, while going through my work bags (why I have so many black bags, I don’t know.), I found a pair of glasses that I lost more than five years ago and enough Scoopie tokens to feed at least two children at Culver’s.

I discovered I have a collection of free samples I picked up at various stores. Why was I saving samples of laundry detergent? What momentous occasion would make me say, “Today is the day we can use the laundry detergent samples?” The same applies to shampoo and conditioner samples. Seize the day, use those samples!

In the Midwest Quarantine episode of “da Manitowoc Minute,” Charlie Berens opens a junk drawer and asks, “Does this tennis ball spark joy or no?” He then says, “One junk drawer down, only 14 to go.” How many junk drawers do you have? When is the last time you organized them?

I organized the bathroom drawer and found long-lost earrings.

On Sunday I focused on the kitchen pantry and combined my sprinkles. I somehow had two containers of spring colors so I combined them. Advice: If you find yourself doing something similar use a funnel or you will have nonpareils bouncing all over. I learned the hard way.

Special organizing projects can break up the day-to-day chores that stop for no pandemic.

Comedian Laura Clery in a Facebook Video looks at a sink full of dishes and ask: “How are you filling up so fast? I just did you.” Many of us are doing more washing and cooking than ever before.

On Friday we take a break and order from a local restaurant. With the newspaper deadline on Tuesday, Tuesday is also my Friday.

My heart breaks when I drive past businesses and nonprofits that are closed. I hope the people who work there are in some way able to seize the day and do things they otherwise would not be able to.

As we head into another month of being Safer at Home, we must really get down to our to-do list of things we never have time for. We must find a way to view the Safer at Home time quality time and “pluck the day.”

On the Move debuted in February 2019 as the contents of the newsroom at 513 Vernal Ave. was being packed up. By the end of March 2019, what had been home to a newspaper since 1912 was cleared out. For months the Milton Courier news staff worked at Daily Jefferson County Union in Fort Atkinson laying out the Courier. Today the Courier news staff works at the Janesville Gazette and otherwise works remotely.

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