How do you tell someone they can’t do what they love?

Ask COVID-19. The virus been doing that to us since March. With the school board vote on Monday, saying no fall sports in fall, the season was over before it began. Fall sports might return in the spring.

Who knew volleyball, really all the fall sports, could be such a dangerous sports?

The next time you see me ask me to show me to show you my permanently bent pointer finger. Even if it is allowed now, you’d have a difficult time convincing me to set a serve in volleyball. My finger was broken – not sprained – like my mom and coach thought. I proved them wrong and any time someone accuses me of being a hypochondriac, I raise my crooked finger.

None of us really knew how dangerous a sport could be until we learned how COVID-19 is spread.

Even then, we had no idea what to expect. Spring sports athletes and parents could have told us. They were the first to endure a winless – and lossless – season.

I don’t think anyone expected fall sports to look as they had last year. In fact, I pictured not being able to see them in person at all, but only online. I was ok with that.

I guess I thought somehow, some way teammates and coaches could still get together, maybe even virtually. Imagine everyone spaced out working out together and a season with everyone making the team. Together, yet separately, they would focus on their individual skills. (This could apply not only to sports but to band and choir.) This is the season for skill building.

But that’s not how we play competitive high school sports.

If we’re lucky we’ll have “sprall sports.” Spring and fall. Or maybe “sprwall,” spring, winter, fall. Sprwall sports. Actually, Superintendent Dahman said WIAA has looked at having the winter sports season be the first this year, then spring and fall.

We don’t know what spring will bring.

About now we need to watch an inspirational sports movie. Then we need to get moving

one step at a time. Get ourselves pumped to encourage our students and ourselves.

If you are an athlete or you have an athlete at home, look for at-home workouts related to specific sports or for his or her specific age group. Watch videos showing good form. Read up on the sport on association websites or sport-specific magazines.

Players are made in the off season and it’s going to be a long one. We need to make the most of it.

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