The number of candidates running for Milton School Board necessitates a primary election. Five are seeking to fill two seats. In the Spring Primary on Feb. 18, the top four vote-getters will appear on the April ballot.

A primary election also was needed for school board in 2018.

Referendums tend to rid us of apathy. Likely there are connections between school board elections (held in April) after referendums pass or fail. In April 2019 voters approved a $59.9 million capital referendum. In November 2017, a $69.9 million capital referendum failed.

Candidates may be motivated by decisions that impact taxpayer money. With an annual salary of $2,000 per year for school board members and $2,500 for board president, candidates can hardly be motivated by personal financial gain.

Contested elections, which offer voters choice, should not be taken for granted.

The City of Milton has three candidates running unopposed for city council. It’s not a matter school board vs. city council. Janesville school board has five candidates running unopposed in April.

Maybe there’s somewhat of a natural ebb and flow in the pool of candidates.

In 2014, three people ran for two Milton school board seats, and six ran for three city council seats.

The last time the Milton school district saw an uncontested election was 2013. Rob Roy, Betsy Lubke ran for school board unopposed. Possibly the community was content. Lubke received 1,897 votes and Roy received 1,571. Those numbers, though they were not split with other candidates do not convey apathy.

Elections can get confusing. There are four this year:

  • Feb. 18 — Spring Primary (Milton school board, supreme court justice, Edgerton mayor)
  • April 7 – Spring Election and Presidential Primary (Milton school board, Rock County Board of Supervisors, municipal judges and offices, Supreme Court justice and presidential primary)
  • Aug. 11 – Partisan Primary
  • Nov. 3 – General Election (President, Congress, state assembly, district attorney, county clerk, county treasurer, register of deeds)

The February and August elections may be the most difficult to remember because they don’t happen every year. Mark your calendars.

We will have more candidate information in upcoming issues of the Milton Courier.

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