Campaign events for President Donald Trump on the website are prefaced with “Make America Great Again!” One comment on the Milton Courier Facebook page pointed out the 2020 slogan is actually “Keep America Great.”

We’re not going to blame the COVID-19 pandemic on any political party. We could debate how the coronavirus should or should not have been dealt with, but we’re not out of it yet. The virus continues to negatively impacting our health and our financial well-being and it isn’t helping our presidential election.

Or, maybe it is. Maybe it’s helping us align ourselves with the candidates who believe what we believe. We can see their actions and decide whether we agree with them. We don’t have to delve into complex issues. We just watch.

We live in a society where we can’t ask questions, and if we do, we shouldn’t expect honest answers, if we get answers at all.

“If you could ask Eric Trump one question, what would you ask?” That’s what the Milton Courier posted on Facebook Sunday.

One of the 62 comments was: “Nice job, Courier, bringing out the hate.”

People aren’t kind.

So we should stop asking questions?

A better slogan for any political party might be “Make America OK again.” Make it OK for people to talk to one another. Make it OK for people to be OK with one another if they disagree Make America OK Again in 2020.

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