Now is not the time for politics of any kind. Not national, not state, not local.

As of April 3, a total of 15 states have delayed their primaries, according to the Pew Research Center.

Yet, Tuesday was an election day in Wisconsin, then it wasn’t and then it was.

Totals listed Monday showed, 29,489 Rock County residents had requested absentee ballots, 29,257 had been sent and 18,586 returned (

The number of ballots cast in the 2016 Spring Election was 53,775.

Did that mean 20,000 people planned to vote Tuesday? Or are people worried about the COVID-19 pandemic? At press time, we do not know.

We do know that people were upset that in less than a day away, Tuesday’s election was postponed, then back on.

Nonetheless, Wisconsin municipal clerks have been getting ready to make voting as virus-free as possible.

We have talked about everyone doing their best during the pandemic. Tuesday’s election required more than that. Using the words of Winston Churchill, “It’s no use saying ‘we’re doing our best.’ You have to succeed in doing what’s necessary.”

That’s where the use of plexiglass sheets held by PVC pipe, and clear plastic shower curtains hanging from the ceiling come in. These things are being used to create barriers to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Municipal clerks found themselves having to do what’s necessary. They thought not only about the integrity of the election but the safety and well-being of election officials and voters. Queuing was rethought. Masks and gloves were ordered and unless something else happened while the presses were running, an election was held.

During a pandemic, the focus should be today and seeing another tomorrow. We must do what’s necessary whether it’s a job that requires us to leave home or it’s having the restraint to not leave the house. Hold your tongue. Critique the actions of our leaders when this increasingly difficult time is over.

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