Public Health Guidance for Elections from the Wisconsin Elections Commission shared on March 29 appear to be written by someone who has never run a table at an election.

Here’s one example:

“The poll book should be slid forward on the table and the poll worker step back when the voter approaches to sign. Signature guides should be used to indicate where the voter signs. The guides need to be sanitized after every 10 voters.”

First, the signature guide is 2 by 4 inches.

Second, if the first voter is infected with the virus, the next nine people could get infected.

Within hours of use, the signature poll book will be a cesspool of viruses with 100s to 1000s of voters touching it to sign their names and the poll workers touching it to write in voter numbers.

Where direct interaction is being avoided due to COVID-19, WEC has suggested a neighbor, postal worker, grocery or food delivery person through a window or open door could watch the voter mark their ballot. WEC suggests the ballot could be left outside the door or in a mailbox for the witness to sign.

Yet later in the absentee witness guidance, WEC states: “If possible, the voter should put the certificate envelope and leave it untouched for 24 hours before the witness handles it.”

Some ideas are basic and sound. Others are a joke and pose a threat to all residents and to all election workers through cross contamination of the tables and books. Many things are not addressed that pose a threat and procedures are not thought through completely. None of the safety protocols needed would impact the voter showing ID at the polls.

My advice to everyone in the Governor’s office, the State Legislature, the Wisconsin Election Commission and the Wisconsin Department of Health is get out in the field and let someone who is taking this seriously (and I have to take this seriously as I take anti immune drugs) show you what protecting all the citizenry of Wisconsin is all about.

OK, we are having an election. We can do it! Every clerk has been putting in excessive hours every day to keep up with the absentee ballots.

Every clerk I know would never compromise the integrity of an election. No matter what the circumstances, we will run a fair and accurate election no matter the circumstances.

When the commanders are all cowering in their fox holes, the sergeants need to take action on their own. I ask the WEC to either go to bat for the health of our citizens or get out of the way.

Tim Tollefson

Town of Harmony

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