By Courier Staff

Ireland Olstad led Milton High School’s gymnastics team to a second-place finish at the Waterford Invitational on Saturday.

Elkhorn won the team title with 134.775 and Milton took second with 124.33.

Olstad won the balance beam and floor exercise as well as the all-around title.

“Despite having a line up that is banged up or out due to illness, some of the younger girls stepped up,” coach Kristine Farnsworth said.

“Ireland Olstad had an outstanding day by placing in all the events.”


Elkhorn 134.775, Milton 124.33, Burlington/Badger 118.875, Waterford 115.35


Vault--1. Elizabeth Lockhard (E) 9.075; 2. Ireland Olstad (M) 8.675; 3. Tyra Ripley (M) 8.55

Balance beam--1. Olstad (M) 9.1; 2. Wylde Chupich (B) 9.0; 3. Kate krauklis (E) 8.95

Floor exercise--1. Olstad (M) 9.2; 2. Lockhard (E) 8.85; 3. Kyle Kramer (B) 8.85

Uneven bars--1. Gabby Dixon (E) 9.05; 2. Wylde Chupich (B) 9.0; 3. Olstad (M) 8.95

All-around--1. Olstad (M) 35.925; 2. Dixon (E) 34.15; 3. Lauren Mulligan (B) 32.675

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