Pending sale

Country Corners, 3737 Highway AB, accepted an offer to sell from Dane County and closed its doors for good in May. The sale has yet to be approved by the Dane County Board.

Dane County supervisors are expected to soon agree to purchase the Country Corners building and land for $600,000, with hopes of closing on the sale by the end of June.

A mainstay for more than three decades, Country Corners closed after owners accepted the offer to sell. The bar is at 3737 Highway AB, in the Town of Cottage Grove, across the road from Hope Lutheran Church.

The three lots and the building are valued at $263,000, according to Dane County online tax records.

John Welch, director of the department of waste and renewables, said the county is evaluating its options for the use of the property.

“Potential uses include an office space for our administrative and engineering staff and a site for educational opportunities,” he said. “Currently, our administrative and engineering staff is stationed at a site that is (about) 10 miles away from the landfill site. Additionally, with COVID-19, we are looking at options to be able to continue operations while maintaining social distancing practices, and this building may give us that ability.

“In terms of educational opportunities for this site, we are evaluating what is possible. Prior to COVID-19, we had approximately 150 tours per year. If it is possible, I would like to have a classroom or educational space in the building for all of the children’s groups we get for tours of the landfill.”

Welch said the county plans to use the existing building for whatever purpose is decided.

“I hope to renovate the building next year (need to fund the capital construction project in the 2021 budget) and use it for an office space for our administrative staff,” he said. “My goal would be to have the renovations done by the end of 2021.”

Welch said that in the next 18 months, the county will probably still use the building in a limited capacity.

The purchase also fits into the long-term plans for the county – possibly.

“Longer term, most of the landfill property will become conservancy once the landfill is closed,” Welch said. “So, the Country Corners property, with its parking lot, may be a trailhead or launching off point for the public to park their vehicles and access future trails through our woods, wetlands and restored prairie. That type of long-range visioning still needs to be completed, so I cannot make any guarantees on that at this time.”

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And our County roads continue to crumble?

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